Singing in the Garden

(Part 3 of Khemet My Home: My Journey In Egypt)

One of the great adventures I had in Khemet (Egypt), was my tour of the botanical gardens in El Nabatat Island or Kitchener’s Island in Aswan, Egypt. Though, Kitchener himself was an inglorious character against South Soudanese in the late 19th century and early 20th, I at least enjoyed the peaceful habitat of the vicinity.

As I walked through the garden, my awesome tour guide, who’s name is Sayed, knowing of my talent, he suggested I sing aloud. At the time, there were tourists and locals all around, and I was a bit hesitant, but with Sayed persuasion, I said, “hey, I don’t get to sing everyday in a garden in Aswan, the ancient land of Egypt.” The very first song that came to mind was Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All.” One of my favourite songs from one of my icons.

“I have worked with D.bé many times and have been amazed with growth and commitment to being the best artist he can be.”