Saying Just A Little

Khemet: My Home & Journey in Egypt
2nd of an 8 part blog series

When I arrived at the airport that afternoon, I knew I had to bid farewell to the land of Khemet…for now. However, Egypt to me is not just an African state with imaginary borders, but it is also in my mind, in my heart, in my soul and in my ancestry. Therefore, Khemet never leaves me, it is in my whole being.

When I checked in for my return flight, which included a stop
over in Germany and then Switzerland, I was filled with pleasant memories of the people I met in Egypt and the bond that has been created through music and sheer love. I also thought of the monuments and temples I went through, which reminded how amazing my African ancestors were in constructing such Godly feats using God’s divine tools.

During such reflections, I became overwhelmed with emotions, and the only way that I could prevent myself from having an outburst of feelings in the middle of the airport, was to briefly record it to express it and then share with others.

The remaining parts of the Khemet My Home: My Journey in Egypt series will focus on such reviews and will offer ideas of what is like to visit Egypt.

“I have worked with D.bé many times and have been amazed by his growth and commitment to be the best artist he can be”